Welcome to We Woof the North! 

Happy 4th Birthday to Klaus, our founder! 


I first came home at ten weeks old, just before Christmas, to my grieving pawrents, in particular my mama who had recently lost the love of her life, soulmate, heart dog Prince to a rare for his breed aggressive form of canine cancer. You’ll hear a lot about Prince over time here and I wish I could have met him. But with every story and every photo I get to know him a little more.

My mama will tell you that she first fell for the soft kisses I gave and the warm snuggles… that is -until two days into being at my furever home when I turned into a toothy tiger that never slept. 

You know that theory that puppies sleep a lot of the time ? Not me. By the end of week one , bordering on caffeine overload and sleep deprivation, she was seriously rethinking her decision to name me after her favourite TV character hybrid vampire.  

She does say now that if there was ever a better name for me she has no idea as I fit every facet of my name -sensitive, shy , outgoing, good listening, ( usually obedient) ,boisterous, sassy, personable, sweet, stylish , chatty, bossy and yes -still sleepless – though I do give her a break now and then and sleep extra some days.



I love living life to it’s fullest and I’m grateful that I’m in a family that feels the same. We’ve had a lot of health challenges this year. Whether it’s sauntering onto a set ready to model and hitting the mark, beach days floating on the waves, or just rolling around in that specific spot in the grass-I live my own adventures just as much as I enjoy watching other dogs.  

When we first started my own page on Instagram, it was initially to document my journey as I grew through milestones as a puppy. But we learned how much we enjoy connecting with other dogs not just in real life but expanding dog friendships online. 

We also discovered other dog pawrents who missed their past furbaby loves, and mourned other losses of those we got know. We shared the joys and sorrows with other Canadian dogs and fell in love with the adventures of their own. And that has continued to this day. 

Woof the North was first created on Instagram in 2018, becoming our answer to the grieving process and a love letter to darling angel Prince, a place where we -and others- could easily find other Canadian dogs, Canadian dog businesses, beautiful scenery of Canada, and Canadian dog parents to connect with. 

Why call it Woof the North? 

Woof the North is our play on words, combining our favourite Canadian Team – Toronto Raptors – with our dog love of the “North.”

We the North turned into our dog version.

And Woof the North was born. 

I love the world of dog fashion, accessories , toys and more —and just as much as I love adventures, back at the time , I quickly discovered that it wasn’t that easy to find Canadian dog small businesses creating dog fashion and other products online – or – even knew what kind of companies I wanted to look for. 

The same applied to dog friendly adventures- places to beach, hike, do doggy brunch , take amazing photos that will live in our memories, or hang out at a local business with our dog while enjoying a drink-or-gasp!-dinner!! 

It was through connecting with other dog parents online and at dog events and hang-outs that we discovered these things.

While we continue to build our Instagram Woof the North feature page and community-these discoveries are more of what we want Woof the North on this site to focus on in detail -showing you the best places in Canada to buy, eat, live, and experience everything we love about being dog Canadians. 

We’ll show and share great dog friendly destinations both dog famous and off the beaten track. We’ll be hitting the beach and asking you talented writers to tell us their favourite spots across Canada. We’ll check out dog friendly locations to feed your soul, articles on dog training issues, product reviews and business features, dog events (post covid ), tutorials , featuring your Canadian dogs here on our site – and so much more! 

If you are interested in joining our private member community, email our new member support at Xxx to join the wait list.   

Finally, we will honour Prince, and dogs we’ve lost with a special memorial section, called Prince’s Place

We Woof the North ! 

Love, Klaus 

Klaus can be found on IG at his new account @klausofpoms. For his bio see Klaus under Meet the Team.