5 Movies Your Pawlentine Will Love

Who loves Valentine’s night in with their furry valentine? Can you really watch TV with your dog? The answer seems simple but it’s a little more complicated than you might think.  A quick understanding of how your pup might watch a movie with you will make a successful cuddle session on the couch ( or bed)  for you both. 


Dogs detect faces, objects, and other animals. However, the main difference between us humans and dogs is their narrower field of view.  This is demonstrated by the way a dog’s attention is easily captured by something that moves. 


We can see in daily life what most influences our dog’s attention span is movement. This translates the same way to your iPad, television, or even iPhone. Dogs detect movement quickly. Digital improvements have resulted in crisp, beautiful moving imagery on our current crop of TV screens. 


Some dogs are also stimulated in addition to movement by noises on screen ( voices, barking, interesting pitch in sound ) that will increase their attention -and your enjoyment – watching.


Since dogs have limited attention spans it helps to watch movies ( and shows) with ever changing movement, and a variety of voices, sounds, dogs, and other animals to look at.  Even then don’t expect them to watch a whole movie but rather a moment or two at a time while cuddling nearby. 


Grab some snacks ( charcuterie anyone ?), a cozy spot for your pooch to be near you, and snuggle up with our Valentine’s Day recommendations on Feb 14. 

Lady and the Tramp

Live-action version of Lady and the Tramp.  Starring  Justin Theroux as Tramp and Tessa Thompson as Lady. The quintessential romance movie for dogs about dogs.

Hotel for Dogs

Based on a book by Lois Duncan this movie tells the story of two orphans in foster care who secretly rescue stray dogs at a vacant hotel before being discovered by the authorities.  Lots of live-action, running and barking.  A happy ending too, as these dogs and their past owner’s stories come to public attention.  The rescued dogs find a family of their own at the hotel, which becomes a grand haven for dog love, where people can come to adopt dogs or board their own.  A star-studded cast including Emma Roberts, Lisa Kudrow, and Don Cheadle.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua (trilogy)

Yes, there’s a movie trilogy of these barking babes. The original plot, followed by sequels, revolves around Chloe, a female Chihuahua from Beverly Hills who gets dognapped while on vacation in Mexico.  Lots of cute dog fashionistas and barks to entertain your floof, there’s a reason these three movies were such a hit.  Starring some big names in Piper Perabo,  Jamie Lee Curtis, George Lopez, Drew Barrymore to name a few.  

Show Dogs

Police dog Max finds himself teaming up with a human FBI agent and going undercover. To find a missing panda and help protect other valuable animals from a kidnapping plot, Max must go undercover as a show dog during the world’s most exclusive dog show in Las Vegas. Fortunately, he has a pack of prestigious canines to help him. Starring Will Arnett, RuPaul, Ludacris, Jordan Sparks, and others. 

A Dog’s Way Home

Based on a 2017 book about Bella ( played by Shelby the Dog), it’s the heartwarming story of a dog who traveled over 400 miles searching for her owner Lucas after being separated from him. Some beautiful scenery and acting. Starring Ashley Judd, Edward James Olmos, Bryce Dallas Howard.

Shoutout to: The Secret Life of Pets

For this article, we chose to recommend great live-action movies. However, Secret Life of Pets delivers great sound and plenty of movement from not only the cartoon animated pets but also their surroundings. Klaus enjoys lying on the bed (at perfect screen height) for a relaxing dog day bed afternoon.

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