We discovered this wonderful recipe for dogs after seeing a drool worthy post  by Norman the Blue Dane. You can find Norman and his delicious homemade recipes at IG @normantheblue. 






  • Pumpkin Purée 


  • Melted Coconut Oil for the white part (or you can use goat milk, yogurt or kefir) 


  • mashed banana or off white goat milk for the yellow part





Use a shaped ice cube mold ( or a fun silicone shaped mold) to add the ingredients to. 


Mash bananas and spoon onto one side and freeze for 10 minutes. 


Then add pumpkin to the middle and freeze for another 10 minutes.


 Lastly, fill in the other side with melted coconut oil and freeze until solid.


 If you choose not to use bananas, do the pumpkin in the middle first, freeze, and then add the other 2 sides. 


We love creating fun Doggo friendly recipes that are not only easy, but pretty to look at. It’s a creative outlet for me the hooman! 




Let us know if you try this recipe out -we think it looks so appetizing ! If you do, post to your page, give @normantheblue credit and tag our IG @woofthenorth, mentioning you saw it on our blog and we will insta story your efforts!