First Fashion Gala : The Snowflake Ball 


Woof the North is always looking for creative content on our Instagram page. We haven’t paid much attention to fashion but discovered over the past year just how much some Canadians love to invest their time in creating adorable fashion looks. 


In February the first annual Winter Gala offered dogs worldwide a chance to dress up for the Snowflake Ball. 


King of the North, Klaus brought date Sasha as his Queen and together they presided over the fun of seeing dogs in natural winter landscapes as well as others dressed up in winter fashion. Many brought dates and did elaborate invitations which was so much fun to watch. 


Klaus wore a custom made couture cape of snowflakes, created by What’s Josie WearingJozies Closet and an embellished rhinestone crown from his own closet. You’ll be seeing this cape again later this year in a beautiful fashion spread so stay tuned. Sasha wore a sweet tiara, fur scarf, and accessories from Basic Bee Boutique with a beautiful tutu. 


At the end, a Prince and Princess were crowned. We are proud to have the beautiful Rosie and JB representing Woof the North and look forward to their helping Klaus host the Spring Dance from March 24-28. 


2022 Winter Snowflake Ball Princess 


Rosie Mittens 


Turning 2 April 15th, Rosie is a fun loving, sassy Golden Doodle from Port Coquitlam, BC. When she isn’t busy stealing socks, she can be found chasing birds at the park or cooling off in a nice pool of mud. Rosie is also the CEO of Basic Bee Boutique where she tolerates her mother’s dreams of her being a floofy fashionista and models all the new sparkly swag in exchange for treats. With mom always on her toes, and dad wrapped around her paw, watch out for this one… She will steal your heart, and then steal your bed!


2022 Winter Snowflake Ball Prince 


Dood JB


JB is an active member of our Woof the North community who loves hiking adventures but is equally spectacular as a dressed up pup. A dapper doodle from Ontario, we love watching his daily hikes and always look forward to seeing his weekend trail reels and photos. Running, jumping and climbing in the forests on The Bruce Trail ending in a nice cup of tea and treats are definitely a ritual we enjoy watching. This pup is a true adventurer – snow, mud, rain or shine it’s all good! Training for treat and snuggling with Mawm is also a daily ritual. Of course nap time is important too!


Check out our home page for some more dogs who participated in this fun event!