Furdrobe/ Klaus’s Fashion Diaries – February Furdrobe Dance 


Klaus is proud to be a 2022 Brand Ambassador for Furdrobe, a British luxury couture line for pets.


The Furdrobe line carries bows, tutus, custom designs and couture ballgowns that have been seen in many international magazines and television. 


With such challenges these days with instagram algorithms ( aren’t we all there these days ) iit can be challenging for companies, even great ones in international markets, to bring various dogs from all over the globe together in curated fashion events. We are happy to report the first “virtual “  Furdrobe Valentine Dance was a success! ! 


We’ll take an in-depth look at the Furdrobe story plus a series from our photoshoots later this spring.


For this Furdrobe dance, Klaus wore his go to black and white tuxedo from @hoteldoggy and a silk red bow with a Swarovski heart fancy cut crystal from Furdrobe. 


His date Sasha, a fellow pom from Ottawa, Ontario wore a red and black silk Furdrobe 2022 Love Bug Collection VIP petite bow and it’s matching red tutu. 


Hosted by Furdrobe’s long time VIP ambassadors couple doggy husband and wife team, Delilah and Romeo, this Instagram fashion event was well represented on social media by many dogs looking beautiful in their Furdrobe fashions. 


Klaus and Sasha 


Klaus is the creator of Woof the North. I also have my own page located at @klausofpoms. Considered an dorable Pom fashionista, hiking and the beach also make me happy. You can learn more about me under Meet the Team. 


Sasha  is the cutest Black and Tan Pom who lives in Ottawa, Ontario. Like Klaus, she enjoys dressing up and enjoying the beach. You can learn more about Sasha under her blog feature here at Sasha-y My Way


Delilah and Romeo ( hosts ) 




Delilah is a 3lb maltipom from Palm Beach, Florida. She is a Pet Influencer who loves fashion and spreads Love and Kindness on Instagram. A truly supportive friend to Klaus and Woof the North we appreciate her friendship. 

You’ll want to check out her and Romeo’s wedding story. Photography by Vasi Siedman @petpixacademy. 



Romeo is a sweet Chihuahua from Kent, UK. Dapper and kind, we love seeing little snapshots of his London surroundings from time to time. We’d secretly love to visit him and his perfect male doggy wardrobe! Romeo also has a cute brother named Reggie who often pops up on his IG feed looking equally adorable! Proud to call this duo friends as well! 


LilyBelle @lilybelle613


LilyBelle was a recent winner of a Furdrobe bow and wore it to the Valentine dance, looking stunning. LilyBelle, Klaus and many others have been blessed to win one of many generous giveaways this company holds. Stay tuned to their IG @furdrobe! 


LilyBelle, a sweet Ottawa yorkie, is not just a pet, but her family’s little girl. She’s smart, lovable, loyal and so much fun to be with ( if she does say so herself). During these uncertain times she has comforted and entertained her Pawrents; making them laugh, keeping them fit and active, providing them with unconditional love and bringing not only her dog mom and dad but everyone she meets closer together.


Unbeknownst to many, she spends most of her time in her birthday suit lol, but just like mum she too has a real passion for fashion and loves to play dress up and pose for the camera. 


PURCHASE from Furbdrobe and use KLAUS20 on your purchase. Show Klaus your proof for Instagram shoutouts. 



I love living life to it’s fullest and I’m grateful that I’m in a family that feels the same. We’ve had a lot of health challenges this year. Whether it’s sauntering onto a set ready to model and