Product Review: Lulu’s Petwear

Klaus was given a winter coat suitable for small size dogs in candy apple red by Lulu’s Petwear in exchange for his personal review. When we review a product, we put it through all its paces over the course of a month or more. In this case the coat was for winter. Klaus wore it in multiple temperatures and seasonal conditions.

Lulu’s Petwear is a Canadian company that offers winter coats for big and small dogs, hoodies, quality toys and other dog accessories. Inspired by Lulu, their little rescue dog from Texas, their goal is to provide a one stop shop for quality pet products.

Starting with the initial style, we loved the well tailored aspects of the coat. You can immediately tell from first look that the quality is excellent.

One thing we look carefully at is coat stitching. The stitching throughout is this product was tight, complemented the overall appearance, and did not pull at seams. We also observed no tension at seams when Klaus was wearing the coat, whether running, rolling or walking in the snow.

We also loved the hugging curves of the back of the coat above the tail rather than the straight edge that is sometimes seen in small dog coats. This reassured us that his lower back and hips were covered. Upon taking the coat off inside, these parts were cosy and warm – even covering some of his tail.

The full Velcro front is quite strong and seals tightly so that no cold air or snow enters his neck and chest area. This also allows for an easy take on and off which is essential for us with a fluffy dog who gets very excited when going out and coming back in. 

The coat has an opening for a harness which we had no issues in using. We tested it running and rolling around in snow and found it non restrictive. The hole was not too large and the amount of room in the fabric to slip harness rings through was just the right amount, again with solid stitching. I will note that we tested this feature for the purpose of our review because like many dogs our Pomeranian tends to wear an over the shoulder harness outside his coat rather than a slip through. 

Nicely padded, this coat is lined with a soft grey fleece over this padding. There is elastic on the wrist area of the lined sleeves which helps keep the sleeves pulled down and adds an extra support if pairing with any dog boots. 

The external fabric is a bright red waterproof material that keeps up with both heavy wet snow and fresh dry powder. It is sturdy and windproof. We appreciated that it was lightweight yet very warm to enjoy snow playtime. 

The coat has a beautiful detachable faux fur trimmed hood which gives it that extra classy touch and protection from the wind. What we especially liked about the hood is that the fit is was perfect. Unlike other coats we’ve tried, it was directly proportional to the coat size and also factored in the true sizing of a small dog’s head circumference. 

We were very happy to discover that the coat retails for $39.99. This is well worth the price for a well made, quality coat suitable for a small dog to enjoy all winter. 

 Klaus gives it Four Paws

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