Jax and Syd 

Jax and Syd are adventure mutts living their best life on Canada’s East Coast. While Jax may be an Aussie-Malinois mix, he’s actually a 100% confirmed swamp monster. Syd is a sassy Korean Jindo-Akita rescue. 

Loving nothing better than running right into adventures, you can frequently find them wrestling on Nova Scotia beaches, chasing squirrels, or zooming on hikes- especially after Jax has had a mud bath.  

Jax and Syd’s dog mom is a photographer with a deep love for nature and all things doggo! You’ll usually find her taking photos of her dogs and bathing Jax.

Jax and Syd is Woof the North’s Managing Director, overseeing other volunteers, and our private membership community. Jax and Syd works closely with Klaus, Mikko and Jax on implementing Woof the North’s vision. 

Jax and Syd can be found on IG @jaxandsyd and Indigo Photography @indigophotons . 


Mikko is a sweet and happy white morkie from the Greater Toronto Area. He is an extremely food motivated trick performing superstar, and will do anything for the yummy treat in your hands. Pumpkin wedges and sweet potatoes are favourites! 

A fun loving explorer, Mikko loves all the sniffs and sights of new adventures- in moderation. After 20 minutes, he much prefers to be viewing in the safety of his mom’s arms. Or has he simply trained her well? You’ll have to ask Mikko if you ever get the chance for a pupper chat. 

He is an introvert at first glance, but don’t be fooled. His spunky personality blossoms once he becomes comfortable and he will demand to be the center of attention. Being a true lap dog, you will find Mikko lounging on the lap of his humans or flipped over waiting (not so patiently)  for a belly rub.

Mikko is Woof the North’s Administrative Director, volunteering on programming and member communication. Mikko works closely with Jax and Syd, Woof the North’s Managing Director, for our private members community. 

Mikko can be found on IG at @mikkomorkie.