Looking back on 2021, there were a number of Canadian dog related companies that launched, flourished and/ or caught my attention.  

Woof the North ( and Klaus ) also had some great opportunities to work with various companies in giveaways this year and will be looking to work with more again during 2022.

We noticed that while the pandemic caused many dog parents to work from home more then ever before, a few used this opportunity to make their own dreams of being their own boss come true. Congratulations on your launches and wishing you all success in 2022. Today, Klaus looks back on just a few of his personal favourite Canadian companies this year – these are ones you’ll want to watch in 2022. 







You’ll be seeing a more in-depth article from Klaus later this winter, but those of you that know me know I adore Hotel Doggy. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with them in the past on modelling shoots.  But the truth is I’ve been in love with this Canadian dog fashion and accessories company long before that, since my first sweater over three years ago. The quality, fit, the ever increasing holiday and seasonal styles are perfect for me. And I love wearing them. My black and white tuxedo is Hotel Doggy as are all my onesies. The hotel doggy website is in USD ( for their US customers) but Canadians can easily find all the collections at Ren’s Pets and Hudson’s Bay as well. 







Located in British Columbia, this dog mama and pup boutique is known for their sparkly collars, bandanas, bows and bling! As chief dog, Rosie @rosiemittens tests and wears all her own attire too! Basic Bee’s winter holiday collection was also brilliant, offering a main faux fur stole and red velvet bow that was easily switched for other blinged out pieces in the collection. This is one Bee Hive that won’t sting your pocketbook- being highly affordable for your dapper boy or girl. 





Sleepy Holow Dog Collars



What can I say other than this Alberta company blew us away. You’re going to see an in depth review from me this spring.We’ve never seen so many stunningly beautiful artisan dog collars in a variety of custom combinations personalized to your dog. These handcrafted leather collars with stamping, custom inlays, custom carving, blinged out or not, hand beaded wonders are the ultimate in artisan collars. This company even makes leather wallets with designs as well other gorgeous items for dog parents. With so many designs and custom work available it’s easy to see this artist’s 35 years of beading experience and decade of custom leatherwork on display. We can’t wait to see what this creative company does in 2022!







Owned by dog fashionista @littlemaggieandbros this is a Canadian company that has stepped up their game with every new collection that comes out. We’ve got a huge review coming up later this winter. From their fashion forward print scarves suitable for mommy and me to velvet bows and matching harnesses and collars, your dogs can look ready to walk the runway. For us this year just a few of the standouts are the Coco Chanel inspired bandanas, Hermes inspired harnesses, a Tiffany coloured beaded necklace and the stunningly delicate ethereal celebrations bandanas collection. And then there is all the rest which is just as magical. Get your wallets out. Checking this site will trigger your inner diva. 




Chelsea and Me 



Inspired by her iggy fashionista Chelsea, this dog mom has a wide variety of personalized dog family apparel. From dog dads to breed customized apparel, tshirts to hoodies, and matching sets for dog mom and furbaby, this company offers great service and adorable phrases on clothing to fit your dog lifestyle. We love the variety in graphics as well as how well dog hoodies and shirts fit Klaus. Thick, soft, and cozy hoodies are perfect for fall and spring. We also have fun watching all sizes of dogs and their newborn human siblings get adorable customized sets. 







Being a Nova Scotia girl living in Ontario, we try to keep an eye on companies from the East Coast because it reminds this dog mama of home. Enter Halipup. Intrigued by their gorgeous designs inspired by Nova Scotia, specifically Halifax as well as other parts of the Maritimes, we love that many prints are created personally by “ Hazel’s mom”. Their company IG page catches the eye with gorgeous colours, layouts, and relatable content that connects with the audience. 

We were also moved by the story on why this company was created- you’ll want to go read their IG post personally-  about how being able to pay for dog food factored in. We can’t do it justice except to acknowledge it made us love this company even more. 

 We have some major regrets about missing out on some particular Halifax prints and a recent Valentine one, but we just know there are more unique ones to come. We love their expansion into dog bows, which like their bandanas, have some boho vibes. Cute bow ties, nautical prints, exclusive prints made by the company- you’ll love what you see. 

We were lucky enough to grab two beautiful holiday bandanas and were thrilled to see the quality of workmanship and beautiful colours that suit every dog. You’ll want to watch the Halipup IG page for advanced notice of launches because their items sell out really fast and due to the many uniquely created prints, may not be offered in a restock. Affordable dog fashion? Yes, please! 







Created by Canadian fashion icon @baconthedoggers the Bacon Collection is understandably named after him.  Bacon and his dog mama took a leap of faith and started this business in July 2020. To do this company justice I’ll have a full review and fashion layout later this year but suffice to say Klaus is in love with his most recent Bacon Collection wardrobe addition- his uber plush Gamer sweater. So in love, it’s a battle to get it off. Sorry, everyone, it’s sold out except the XS. Which is what usually happens – fast- for various sizes with every capsule collection that Bacon creates. Watch on IG for collection drops. They are announced well in advance. We are still feeling major pangs of regret missing out on a recent white and gold fuzzy croc print and the summer lace yellow daisy shirt. Never fear – there are various items available on the Etsy store to tempt you while waiting for the next drop.  Rest assured The Bacon Collection is always unique! 







We regularly browse Canadian Etsy shops looking for new and interesting businesses on a personal level because we love supporting small independent businesses, especially those starting out as those first hundred-plus sales can make a huge difference in both getting word of mouth positive reviews ( hopefully leading to more sales) and frankly, the confidence every small business owner needs to keep going. 

We love the variety of custom tags and handpainted portrait custom tags using your dog’s photos this friendly and approachable company creates.







We love that dog mom boss Melissa Hamilton Ansell is a professional chef. A family-oriented company, she works with her son Matthew. ❤️

Klaus and Woof the North were honoured to work together this year on a giveaway with Infinity Pet Products, an Indigenous owned business, especially since I am also Indigenous. 

Melissa and Matthew are proud members of the Snuneymuxw First Nation tribe of the Coast Salish People, located in the center of Coast Salish territory on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island in Beautiful Nanaimo British Columbia. 

Their mission is to provide all-natural handmade premium dog treats -satisfaction guaranteed! Your new beef and peanut butter treats were created for furry cookie monsters, training, dogs with allergies, anxiety, cancer, arthritis, seizures, and much more. 

Over time this company has grown, including bandanas including themes for every major holiday- choosing fun prints that look great for photos. This Christmas, the company created personalized wooden ornaments with your dog photos which we absolutely loved. 







We love this company for what it doesn’t offer: it doesn’t add filler, silly claims to marketing, or judgement on how you feed your furbaby. Rather, they offer some great education on their product benefits for your pup as well as great IG content on cooling and non-cooling proteins plus more information immensely valuable to learning about dog nutrition and what’s good for your dog. 

While Klaus is a raw fed dog because we know it works best for him, his health, and our lifestyle, he enjoys dehydrated treats and yes occasionally human dog safe treats. 

We love that this company embraces every dog pawrent from their first foray into pet nutrition to the experienced dog chef. 

Affordably priced and a wide range of products, there’s nothing to turn your nose up at this company- except to sniff all those glorious natural treats. 




Hotel Doggy

Basic Bee Boutique

Sleepy Hollow Dog Collars

We’ll continue to expand our list during 2022 as a monthly feature -as well as offer in depth reviews throughout the year ahead.  Klaus is available for collaborations and reviews at: