Valentine’s Kissing Booth Winners 


We ran a fun Valentine photo challenge for dog kissing booths. Participants were asked to share a photo using a created photo booth. Fabric, cardboard, wood, and props were some of our suggestions to help create it. Here is a little about the dogs chosen as our top three, who are currently featured on our home page and on our IG @woofthenorth: 


Stella: @stellathibs

Stella is 6 years old. She is 50% Maltese & 50% Shih Tzu.  

Her mama says: No one knows where the Shih Tzu in me went and I am known for my long luscious locks.  I personally think I’m 100% Husky.  

Stella has been a SJA Therapy Dog for 5 years which she claims to do mostly for the pats, hugs and kisses, – but also because it makes so many people happy. Being off leash on hiking trails is her favourite thing in the world, matched only by long snuggles or any activity her family is doing. 


Schultz:  @thelifeofschultz 

Schultz is a five year old long coat German shepherd. He is just such a happy boy who loves to have his photo taken and always smiles. In his spare time he likes to paint and sells his art to raise money for animal charities. 

From his ArtforTripawdKaiserin Etsy Canada page:  


Kaiserin was a 9 year old long coat German shepherd and cancer survivor who painted. She had her rear right leg amputated in august of 2018 (due to cancer) and took up painting to help raise money for fellow tripawds.

After she passed away in October, her brother Schultz took over the project and is selling his paintings in his sister’s memory. $20 from each painting sold will be donated to the Tripawd Foundation, an organization that helps amputee pets and their owners. Each painting is signed on the back with a paw print and photo of the artist


Baloo:  @bebebalooga 

Born in a shelter in Memphis, USA, Baloo took his very first flight at 11 weeks old towards his forever home in Toronto. He quickly found his way into many people’s hearts. 

Baloo is 100% a teacher’s pet and the unofficial class mascot. He enjoys making appearances during virtual school and entertaining students with tales of his adventures. 

Baloo and his parents enjoy discovering the hidden gems of Ontario, towns and national parks and hope to travel all across Canada soon.  


Watch for other photo challenges on our IG @woofthenorth. They are located throughout our feed and up to date on our insta profile under the event schedule highlights.