These little dogs with smooshy faces and pointed ears sleigh the day and make us smile. Here are just a few who whose adventures we’ve enjoyed this season. 

Luna @luna.the.cute.frenchie is one stylish pup. A short, sassy, cute and classy Frenchie she was born in Quebec. Luna now lives  in the Toronto GTA with her FURever family. 

Gus @gus_the_canadian_frenchie lives in beautiful British Columbia. Gus has one of the best tongue out Tuesdays always. We love seeing him participate in all our themes. While Gus loves Christmas, he’s looking forward to spring and warmer weather! Happy Pawlidays frens!

Janette @janettelabouledoguefrancais is a French Bulldog living in Montreal, Quebec. She speaks  French and is learning English through all her  IG friends. Adopted by her family after retiring from her breeder, Janette loves going for car rides, chasing squirrels and taking in every smell of nature. Raw fed, cheese, brocoli and blueberries are her faves.

Bowser @bowserthefrenglishbulldog lives in Ontario. The best of both, he is both a French Bulldog and English Bulldog. This adventure loving dog not only joined our pawmunity but regularly sees his furiends.  We love helping make those connections by introducing you to each other. With those expressive eyes and great TOT we know he’s the hit of any pawty!