Ottawa, Ontario has a thriving dog lifestyle. We love hearing from dogs in the area and the interesting things they do. Klaus, founder of Woof the North first spotted Sasha on Instagram @sasha_thepom_ showing off her love for the Toronto Raptors and featured her in our Instagram feed as a feature.




As a result of being featured on Woof the North, Narcity Canada reached out to us and by the following week, Sasha was then featured on Narcity Canada’s blog and seen by many. 




Sasha is a stunning tri-coloured Pomeranian from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada who resides with her adoring parents and three siblings. This sweet, sophisticated, and sassy Pomeranian has a love of fashion, lifestyle, food and fun. And it shows in every facet of her urban lifestyle. 




 Not just a pretty face, she knows more than 40 commands with “wait” being her favourite as it often results in a reward of her favourite treat, which includes apples or blueberry banana coconut biscuits. We love watching her progression which is well documented on her Instagram and TikTok feeds.




Training led by her Pom-Mom started immediately, once she arrived home at 10 weeks. This was then followed by private and group lessons with other dogs. Sasha’s eagerness to learn new skills, coupled with her lovely demeanour and outgoing personality, would often bring happiness to those who meet her. This inspired her to further her education to become a therapy dog for senior citizens. However, during the pandemic she has been limited to outdoor visits only. We can’t wait to see more of those working dog moments once life becomes more normal again.




Sasha’s natural ability to pose for the camera led to the creation of her Instagram and TikTok account. Her social media is run by her loving Pom-Mom and Manager and her feed highlights carefully curated images that are meant to bring joy to followers.




 Inspiration stems from her daily life and is influenced based on current events. You’ll often catch her touring around Ottawa, cheering on her favorite sports teams, looking for love, enjoying Sunday brunch with her besties, or dressing up for her latest social engagement. While having fun is always on the agenda, she also believes in the importance of spreading kindness and in raising awareness of causes that are important to her, including: Mental Wellness, Anti-Bullying and Anti-Racism, Women’s Rights and Indigenous Rights.




Kindness matters. We especially love Sasha’s ability to advocate for various causes in an authentic way that draws in readers. Dogs like Sasha who are kind, caring and support others exemplify our Woof the North spirit. 


As a style leader, we love that she shows us her authentic self and we can’t wait to see what she wears next! 




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