Beautiful British Columbia has not only some breathtaking views but a wide variety of dog lifestyles. Some dogs hike the highest mountains, while others love the fashionista life. Lexie is a dog mama who balances fashion and the adventure life beautifully- teaching one of her daughters to follow in her paw steps. We loved hearing about Lexie’s adventures. We also enjoyed her dog mama story and that of her pawrents experience with responsible breeding and raising puppies. Meet Woof the North community member @wonderdog_lexie_  and her daughter Piper. 


Lexie is a 5 year old mini Rat Terrier whom I acquired from Alberta Rat Terriers as a nine week old puppy. 


From the time I picked up Lexie at the Calgary Airport and flew home to Comox, we were already very bonded to each other.


My husband returned from work several hours later and to his dismay, she wanted nothing to do with him. This went on for nearly two weeks until she realized he was very fun to play with! They have been play buddies ever since, five years later.


  Lexie was very quick to pick up tricks and obedience often for treats, but often for just for praise. She had mastered many tricks by the time she was 4 months and her obedience was down pat. She had mastered so much that her Puppy Kindergarten teacher thought I should pursue straight obedience. 


I thought she would get bored with that so at 4 months started her in agility classes. We did obedience for a couple years until my hip didn’t care for it anymore and Lexie was faster than my brain could remember the patterns.


Currently, we play at home with our own agility set up and she has never forgotten how it goes and is as fast as ever!


 During that 2 year agility period we had a huge scare with Lexie that bonded us even closer. Lexie had an accident playing with my husband on the bed. She fell off and knocked the ball of her hip partially out.


This was a stressful time for us as pawrents. She ended up having a femoral head ostectomy which meant they took the ball of her hip plus the top of her femur removed. As a result of this surgery, her back leg is just held on with ligaments and muscles. 


We will never forget this accident. We were just sick about this. I was even at the vet’s office when I heard the heartbreaking news. She had what was a painful and it seemed like forever recovery. We had exercises to do with her and I slept on the floor with her until she was able to return to our bed.


It took some time, lots of pawrent worry, and excellent rehabilitation but she recovered almost 100%. She still hops occasionally on that back leg at a certain gait. Even after all this she loved and missed her agility fun. 


She returned to agility and didn’t skip a beat. She is as fast as ever and her 2 year old kids cannot even come close to catching her!


A loving princess, she loves to jump up into my arms for a cuddle. She wants to be cuddled often and loves to be carried around, although at 15 pounds it’s not for too long!


  Lexie is aloof to strangers which we know to be a trait of her rat terrier the breed, at least in our experience. She has the sweetest personality but it’s very clear she loves who she loves! You will know you are one of them if she presses her forehead against yours, as this is what she does to show her love. 


We find she prefers women only but loves my brother who has a nurturing way and talks to her in low murmurs which won her over. She loves baby talk! Of course, she loves my husband too but he is a sad second!!!


 When Lexie was 2 I decided to breed her to a black tri Rat Terrier called Handley. She had 5 beautiful puppies, 3 girls, 2 boys. All colours including black, chocolate and fawn tri’s.  They were born on my bed with my girlfriend attending who was a Cairn Terrier breeder. 


Lexie was an extremely attentive and protective momma! My husband and I were off for the entire summer so got to spend every day with them. 


We live in the country on a small acreage and they had so much fun running around in the sunshine. We even took them at 7 weeks old on a fishing and camping trip to the west coast of Vancouver Island. That took some organization but was so much fun and a trip to remember! 


  We had tears when they left but I see two that are local on a regular basis. They love momma Lexie and she lets them know she still is the queen mother! 


Two years later I decided to breed Lexie again to the same stud and she produced 7 puppies this time. Again on my bed with the same girlfriend. Lexie became mama to five girls, and two boys this time. Four of the pups were spoken for a year in advance. 


When it came time to choosing one to keep for us it was a hard decision. Everyone had such distinct looks and personalities. Eventually, I decided on one I called Piper. 


We chose our new families carefully. All were sold to people I knew who had met Lexie directly or through a reference. I had a really hard time letting one of the puppies go that I had originally wanted to keep and then kept Piper instead. I cried for 2 days before and after she left. We also had really bonded to each other, oh it was ugly times!!


   Piper has brought dog play back to Lexie who stopped playing with dogs around 2 years old. Even though they play a little too rough sometimes to my liking, I know Lexie is really enjoying the horseplay. Playing with her momma keeps her tired and out of mischief too! 


I also started Piper with obedience and trick training early and she has learned quite a bit already but always with a little attitude!!


 Lexie for the last 2 years was an active St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog. Before Covid we volunteered 1 hour a week after my school job at a local hospital in the dementia wards. 


We performed tricks for the patients and they loved her! She always attracted staff and visitors! I think she loved performing!! We loved to bring smiles and laughs to those less fortunate.


A couple of years ago we joined Instagram. I have always enjoyed photography and taking pictures. Lexie is a great model in that she will usually hold a pose for as long as it takes, even with distractions. 


I had been putting sweaters and jackets on her since she was little because she was always cold outside. So she was very used to clothing. Instagram has taken her fashions, modelling, and my photography to a whole different level. 


 We live on Vancouver Island which has abundant opportunities for nature lovers. We love to explore new places and I just retired so looking forward to new adventures, new photos, and new experiences with Lexie and Piper. 



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