Maggie and Co Review

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Maggie and Co is a Canadian company offering your budding dog fashionista on trend, modern and affordable accessories. There are even some great options your human can enjoy with you ! 

From waste bags to complete matching accessories this company has multiple trendy collections that are regularly refreshed, updated and restocked. We also love the fact that there are options that you can add in. There is  also a recently expanded haute couture line that is right off the fashion runway with little extra touches.

Maggie and Co is the brainchild of Little Maggie and Bros, a trio of fashionable dog siblings led by Little Maggie herself. Maggie, Cody and Brody have their paws on the pulse of dog fashion and they definitely know how to model their own line. First launched in October 2020 these pups have created a pawshion empire all their own. 

This weeks review will focus on two of our favourite accessories -the Velvet Harness Collection as well as some of my favourite bandana picks. We’ll return for necklaces, more bandanas, print harnesses, and some mommy and me scarves in a future review.


Velvet Harness Collection

The Bombshell and Tiffany inspired Velvet harnesses worn in our photos are companions to the other velvet harnesses in the line. We are currently waiting for the Sunshine and Clara to arrive. 

What we like: 

  • the soft, quality, quilted velvet fabric 
  • harnesses are equally gender suitable 
  • comfortable 
  • luxe gold hardware 
  • easy to adjust straps 
  • accurate sizing ( and easy to use chart ) 
  • the luxe M bling accessory 
  • D ring is both front and back
  • quick on /off 

You can also have Swarovski crystals added for an extra fee as an upgrade to any of the Velvet Collection harnesses. Klaus has this option on the Bombshell. Unfortunately the option was not available when the Tiffany inspired was first released.

The Velvet Collection harnesses have matching options such bows, leashes, collars and waste bags. We have the Tiffany velvet bow and love the way it looks and feels.

Hopefully we’ll see a hot pink Bombshell velvet bow in the future although there are other items throughout the collections which easily match the Bombshell harness.


Beautiful Bandanas 

Maggie and Co offers various collections all inspired by the runway and fashion icons which are seasonally appropriate. We love that many are named to honour dogs who model for the company. Reading descriptions and colours,it’s clear how the items suit the dog they are named after. 

Bandanas at Maggie and Co are thoughtfully created and every collection has something fresh, new and unique. 

What we like: 

  • the sealed ties ( no fraying here ) that are comfortable, don’t slip and won’t knot fluffy fur. 
  • comfortably cut necklines 
  • unique fabrics, add-ons and embellishments 
  • beautiful to photograph colours 
  • light and easy to move in 
  • versatile 
  • perfect for special occasions such as weddings 
  • wide range of sizes ( Klaus wears a S) 
  • luxury look at an affordable price. 

Here’s a few looks in some of our favourites -all of which you’ll find on the Maggie and Co site through my link here

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 Stay tuned for more detailed reviews on a recently released collection and more coming soon!