Doodles, Doods and Cockapoos 



In every variation these curly haired soft-eyed floofs have filled our feed this year.

Here are just a few of the ones who’ve caught our eye this season.  



Luna is a fun loving social dog who likes meeting up with other pups. She also celebrates Hanukkah each year and we enjoy her beautiful posts during those eight days. 



JB @thedoodjb is a daily adventurer. We look forward to his detailed hiking videos and posts. We also love all the family bonding time he shares.

Piper is an adorable dog boss who loves looking stylish on the gram. Check out her feed – you’ll even find her wearing her own dog accessories! 

Magic @magictheaussiedoodle is a cute Black and tan who couldn’t be nicer! This pup loves the snow so watch for all those winter wonderland photos. We are secretly hoping to see some winter yurt photos from their trip. 

Jordan and Pippen @jordandoodle23 have the sweetest photography and nicest east coast location reels of Newfoundland and Labrador. We really enjoy watching them and seeing what else they come up with. Their outdoor Christmas photos melt our hearts. 

Daisy @daisyroocockapoo is a therapy dog and although the pandemic has made visiting long term care and seniors hard she did manage to get a recent visit in. An important job we appreciate her service and her Christmas photos make us all smile.