Pooch Botanics is a brand new Canadian company that launched in late November of 2020. 

Klaus was offered the opportunity to try out the product line consisting currently of shampoo, conditioner and paw balm.

We try our best to support Canadian companies and were impressed that the entire line was all natural and organic. Upon receiving the package we were thrilled to find that the products are also vegan and cruelty free! 

We are quite picky about the grooming products we use, mainly because Klaus is a purebred show quality pomeranian. He has a gorgeous double coat that we spend a lot of time daily and weekly to maintain. His fluff turns heads most places we go. We don’t take chances on our grooming care without careful examination of product contents.

Dry fur can really affect Pomeranians during the winter. Dry heat, proximity to fireplaces, wet fur from being outside, all play a role. Dry fur can matt-up a pom very quickly so it’s important that the products we use condition skin and fur. 

If you’ve ever felt that dry fur feeling on your dog you know what I’m talking about. It can be difficult this time of year for all dogs but especially double coat breeds, to keep our furbabies conditioned, dematted, and silky soft. 

Upon opening the bottle, we loved the lavender-based scent. We noticed that there was no extra coloring added to shampoo, which we find sometimes happens with dog grooming products. We also liked that the bottles are a nice one hand holding weight because every now and then Klaus likes to try and escape the tub. 

The product information mentioned that the shampoo and conditioner were low lather. We were initially worried that the low lather would get lost in all his fur. We had nothing to worry about. The low lather distributed nicely and evenly quickly. We even found we used less of Pooch Botanics in the bath than our usual brand. 

We were very impressed with the low lather formula and the gentle clarifying effect that doesn’t strip his mane of its usual shine and texture.

The conditioner was also lavender scented and was a nice light formula. It applied nicely to his fur and rinsed out quickly. We loved that it did not leave any sticky or oily residue, nor did it weigh down his fur.

We’ve since used it for two more baths – there has been a lot of mud and slush with the strange winter we have been having- and have no issues with product consistency in keeping Klaus’s fur conditioned and silky smooth – all without us needing multiple products to get the same effect as Pooch Botanics. 

Moving on to the paw balm, it too is all-natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free. 

We’ve had many difficulties with finding a quality paw balm in the past as many have either a sticky residue or a slippery oily feeling when applied. Since we have waxed hardwood floors any slip can be challenging with pom spins on a daily basis. 

We first tried the paw balm on before bed one evening. We liked the light scent as well as the soft but not sticky or oily formula. We liked the softness of it, and the ease of convenience to have it nearby as it is encased in a nicely designed small metal tin. The balm was not hard, as some can be, and we found it easy to use our fingers to get some out and rub it onto his paws. 

We are pleased to report that the lavender scented calm quickly softened his paws overnight. There was no residue on the morning blanket nor had Klaus tried to lick it off. His morning race down his ramp-the essential test of any paw balm in this house-happily did not result in a wipe out at the bottom. Klaus also didn’t slip during his many pom dances and spins during the entire day after applying the evening before.

We’ve continued to use the paw balm as part of our regular regimen and are happy with how soft and nice smelling his paws are. Klaus is definitely getting the pampering he loves! 

No dry fur or paws here. Pooch Botanics is definitely Klaus 🐾🐾 approved.

Thank you @poochbotanics for gifting us your pawsome products for at home spa days!

If you’d like to try Pooch Botanics please use KLAUS20 at www.poochbotanics.com.

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